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Links May 2018

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When it seemed like this monthly post would only have a couple of links, many interesting posts poped out in my Feedly and started sharing compulsively in the last days. Many things are happening in my life compulsively in lately. I anticipate a post about some news in the coming days. In the meantime, this is this month’s links summary: The Importance Of Having A Purpose In Digital Transformation And Innovation To be placed in the wall and to read it every day: Technology isn’t the answer. It’s an essential…read more


Wake Up! Artificial Intelligence

Posted by Alberto Gómez Aparicio in Artificial Intelligence, Technology, Transformation, Wake Up

Artificial intelligence is already around us. In not so long we will start interacting with it seamlessly and will potentially know more about us than ourselves as it will be gathering information from the many devices and systems around us that gather information about us, our likes and our behavior. From Virtual Reality to Immersive Spaces, food 3D printing, domotics or geolocation… It is a change in paradigm that can help us focus on what really matters.


Wake Up! Robotics

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What would be the future without robots? They are in every movie and in every fantasy about what is coming. The big question is not if there will be robots. The answer to that is obviously “yes” not because they will come but because they are already here. The big question is what would we have to do to have robots that create an emotional bond on us. That would engage us almost as humans do.


Wake Up! Data

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We are starting to be aware of the huge amount of data that we spread while we browse the internet. Some of us are already connecting the dots with what Social Media really mean and the business model of those platforms. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when we compare it with the possibility of merging those data with those from all sensors and connected devices that are working today. The possibilities to obtain accurate recommendations are endless, also the challenge of deciding who owns the information.


Wake Up! Monitoring

Posted by Alberto Gómez Aparicio in Health, Technology, Transformation, Wake Up

Some of the greatest challenges physicians face on their daily work are: Monitoring patients only happen when in hospital or while doing the tests Patients do not follow the treatment they prescribe Electronic consumer devices can bridge the first gap gathering data constantly, and enhanced data analysis can help prescribing personalized treatments, controlling if the patient follows that treatment and coach the patient to achieve better adherence to it.


Wake Up! Smart Cities

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The first step in disruption is to accept the magnitude of the changes that are already starting and are about to occur. The transformation of cities into smart cities is something we are witnessing on a daily basis. Electric, autonomous and connected cars will be slowly but gradually replacing today’s vehicles. We are already seeing delivery drones… New solutions for mobility as a whole are great examples that we currently see around us.