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AI lands in Linkedin fake profiles

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And this (among others) is a reason why I never accept contacts from those who do not take 20 seconds of their time to write a short text and explain why they want to have me as a contact here: “the potential harm can be subtle: Connecting to a profile like Jones’ invites whoever is behind it to strike up a one-on-one conversation, and other users on the site can view the connection as a kind of endorsement.” It’s been seven years that I wrote How do you use…read more


Wake Up! Internet of Things

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We are gradually realizing that a relevant number of the objects around ud have the capacity to connect and to transmit variable and relevant information. This is what we are calling the Internet of Things (IoT). Fourth episore of this second season of Wake Up is about this. Thanks to different kinds of sensors and to the process of the data they are sending, objects can not only transmit information related to what happens around them but also related to the objects themselves.

Wake Up! Customer experience

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We are witnessing a great leap forward in all related to Customer Experience. This is the main subject of this third episode of the Wake Up second season: Customization models and sales processes automation are going to create completely unique and personalized customer experiences. Brands that can really understand and make good use of these tools will be able to adapt real time to their customers needs and expectations.

Wake Up! (Second Season)

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Last year, from NTT Data we launched Wake Up, what today is the first season of a series that describes a vision to think about what the close future could be thanks to technology. In last year’s season, the main character wakes up after a ten year coma and finds a world that has changed dramatically compared to the one he remembers. This month we are sharing the second season where this main character, once adapted to this new reality, uses in his professional life what he has learned. This…read more

Blockchain and GDPR

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Even though it is a summary of a longer report, this text published by Forrester Blockchain And GDPR: Not Mutually Exclusive But Can Be A Toxic Blend reviews many of the issues that have kept my attention when I have started to collect information about what is and how does work a public blockchain. I have some knowledge about data protection and GDPR, almost none about  blockchain apart from starting to understand the concept, so I have nothing to add to what is already in this Forrester text that I invite…read more


The end of banking?

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Just trying to meet my commitment for this 2019: this is the first link I have shared, so here we go with the comments. I read Automation will be the end of banks as we know them at TechCrunch , and here goes what catches my attention: The end of the model First surprise is the title itself, because it is quite obvius to me. Any deployment of technology in banking has changed the model as it was known. When I left home for my military service back in Summer 1986 (do not…read more