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Links May 2020

Back to the habit of summarizing here the links shared this month in Linkedin. Also back to the habit of having some half-written posts as drafts.

Trying to avoid direct references to Covid19, although can’t help having some of the links having it as a main subject in their analysis.

Quite a good number of different sublects this month from impact in remote work to new progress in medican devices. Interesting texts in my opinion.

In San Francisco, Working From Home Is Here To Stay. The Techies Might Not Be

The challenge for the big cities could be an opportunity for the rural areas:

If I could work from home permanently I would move far far away from where I am currently living

This Robot Can Guess How You’re Feeling by the Way You Walk

What a relief!

This emotionally intelligent robot is basing its actions on perceived emotions. It can’t truly read anyone’s inner state

We Work Harder When We Know Someone’s Watching

Our accomplishments, whether it is inbox zero or a project finished on time, feel less meaningful without the presence of others. Because the good feeling of having accomplished something is less intense when we are alone, our motivation to work hard crumbles in self-isolation.

What to Do When AI Fails

Let’s get ready to what is coming:

organizations should have clear plans to identify the personnel capable of responding to AI incidents, and outline their expected behavior when incidents do occur.

A New Bionic Eye Could Give Robots and the Blind 20/20 Vision

When science fiction loses the “fiction”:

the device represents a promising proof-of-concept that suggests that we may soon be able to replicate and even better one of nature’s most exquisite designs. Given these advances, it seems feasible that we might witness the wide use of artificial and bionic eyes in daily life within the next decade

Cleveland Clinic teams with United Airlines on cleanliness standards

Will cleanliness be a key for choosing airline in the post-covid19 world?

What Cleveland Clinic brought to United was a team of experts who could advise on all of the known science of COVID-19, to put in place processes to prevent the spread of infection.

AI can battle coronavirus, but privacy shouldn’t be a casualty

AI is arriving now with some powerful applications in stock, but our governments are ill-prepared to ensure its democratic use

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