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Professional profile

Alberto Gómez Aparicio

If you want to see all details about my professional profile, I’d recommend checking it in Linkedin. As a summary, I think that it is relevant to point out that both my education and my professional experience are quite heterogeneous.

Today I am the Global Head of Operations of a Trading company.

I studied Law at the Universidad Complutense of Madrid, and while most of my classmates were studied law just to “have a university degree”, I must confess that I did it by vocation, and many years after leaving the professional exercise of the legal profession, I can not help but still feel attracted to the legal issues surrounding many of the projects in which I have participated.

Law studies dis not give me any business perspective so I earned an MBA at IESE, where I got my eyes opened to the complexity of the professional and corporate world and learned how to work with people with radically different perspectives since most of them came from studies quite different to mine from theology to the military. It was an intense and very enriching process from any point of view.

From that moment I have fully focused myself fully into professional activities, sometimes coming to combine up to four works with the good fortune to have been able to touch many areas of business in these years: I have worked for small businesses, corporate and multinational associations in Spain and abroad; I have been Director of operations and Customer Service, Director of eBusiness, worked in creation of products, managed medical centers, developed platforms for the analysis of information, designed IT systems, worked as a Lawyer, teacher, consultant…

I have been lucky to have such a diverse career what has given me a vision that I think is very comprehensive of the reality of the corporate world.