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Links June 2020


What seemed to be a month quite short on links has turned to be quite interesting.

Nice focus on health and privacy, two of the hottest areas lately, together with artificial intelligence that is obviously linked to both.

The Dumb Reason Your AI Project Will Fail

For any business wanting to leverage on the benefits of AI, what truly matters is not the AI models themselves; rather, it’s the well-oiled machine, powered by AI, that takes the company from where it’s today to where it wants to be in the future.

The FDA just approved the first prescription video game — it’s for kids with ADHD

After seven years of clinical trials and having studied over 600 kids, the FDA authorizes doctors to prescribe as medicine the iPhone and iPad game for kids between ages eight and 12 years old with ADHD

China is building a genetic database of every man in the country

Sometimes reality is simply too wild:

Police have been showing up to people’s homes and even schools to draw blood and compile genetic information.

Andrew Yang is pushing Big Tech to pay users for data

we can change practices industry-wide

The next wave of healthcare innovation: The evolution of ecosystems

Who is going to shape the future of healthcare?

Seventy percent of AI experts in the United States work for Google, Facebook, Microsoft, and Amazon, with 30 percent of all US AI patents related to healthcare

The great conundrum of data liquidity in healthcare

Can’t agree more:

CMS administrator Seema Verma made it clear that it was the patients who owned their data, calling it an “epic misunderstanding” among healthcare providers and technology companies, specifically electronic health record (EHR) vendors who had hitherto thought otherwise

Privacy Isn’t a Right You Can Click Away

Senator Sherrod Brown:

There’s a reason these privacy and data agreements are impossible to understand and to avoid: They were never meant to protect you—they are meant to protect Big Tech.

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