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Complacency and nostalgia

Image: Chatham House, CC BY 2.0 , via Wikimedia Commons

I really enjoyed reading this speech by Sir John Major, ex Prime Miniter of the UK.

Provides with an outstanding overview of the social and political situation of his country. And there will be some matter in which I will agree -most of them- and others in which I won’ agree so much, but I really admire his ability to remove artifices and deliver a totally naked message.

I specially liked this paragraph I am copying below, but I suggest to read it in its entirety.

Complacency and nostalgia are the route to national decline. So I favour reality and optimism – but with the warning that false optimism is deceit by another name.

We are no longer a great power. We will never be so again. In a world of nearly 8 billion people, well under 1% are British.

We are a top second-rank power but, over the next half century – however well we perform – our small size and population makes it likely we will be passed by the growth of other, far larger, countries.

The key to start a project is to have an accurate idea of your starting point, isn’t it?

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