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New career change

Posted by Alberto Gómez Aparicio in Career, Personal

Once again I face the blank page to write about profesional changes. Yesterday, January 31st, was my last day at Grupo PSN. A place full of great professionals who are aware of the enormous challenge they are facing to meet the requirements of doing business at the end of the second decade of the 21st century. I think they have the right direction and, mostly, the right leadership for it. Every time I have taken a step like this I have looked back and I have always had the sweet taste of what I have achieved,…read more


My reflections at the end of 2016

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We are reaching these moments of the year when almost anyone takes some time to look back and have a twelve months review of their life. This is something we could do at any other moment of the year, but the convention is that is now when the year ends and this seems to make this moment the most appropriate. When I do this review, I am torn between my tendency to think that I could have done more or better and the option of blaming destiny or luck of…read more


How do you use Linkedin?

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I’d like to know your opinion about your use of Linkedin. Each one of us have a personal way of approaching social environments. I do not mean mine is “the right one” Tengo una forma de entender en uso de las plataformas sociales que tengo a mi disposición. Es algo personal, que no trato de imponer a nadie, pero que en lo referente a aquéllas que son síncronas (que requieren que ambas partes estén de acuerdo en estar en contacto, como Facebook o Linkedin), puede afectar a otras personas que…read more


A commitment

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I’ve written many posts in the last months (I believe this is the fourth time I start a blog from scratch), but I have not been constant to give them consistency nor confident to share what I have written. I’ve been reading many blogs for a long time although I almost never leave written comments, but I am becoming more and more exigent. I want to share my opinions and experience about the use of information technologies. I have been taking advantage of what others know but I have not given…read more