My reflections at the end of 2016

Posted by Alberto Gómez Aparicio in Personal, Year end

We are reaching these moments of the year when almost anyone takes some time to look back and have a twelve months review of their life.

This is something we could do at any other moment of the year, but the convention is that is now when the year ends and this seems to make this moment the most appropriate.

When I do this review, I am torn between my tendency to think that I could have done more or better and the option of blaming destiny or luck of not having reached the goals I would have liked to reach.

I’ve felt this year as a transition period between our last american adventure and what is to come. I do not really know the reason for this feeling, but there it is. A year when, regarding this blog, I decided to leave Blogger and move to WordPress, I explored new ways of content distribution and when I started to publish a weekly post with the links I share in several social networks.

This is also a time of the year in which almost everyone looks for an excuse for some family reunion.

As you get older you accumulate experiences, but above all, you accumulate relationships with people who pass through your life and through whose lives you pass. I have had the immense luck to live outside my city and my country of birth. I have had the immense luck that many people of different backgrounds have come across me and have left some of them in me. I hope also to have left something of me in them. Some of them are distant in space, but still very close in spirit.

I have reached an age when some of these people are beginning to leave. Some by law of life, some sooner than we might have thought. And at this season I think a lot about them. I think of what they have given me and in the immense empty space left by them. The emptiness of words not spoken, of hugs not given, of laughter that will not return.

I want to transmit my best wishes for these days and for the new year to come. Enjoy those who are by your side and dedicate a moment to remember those who are no longer among us.