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Links week December 26th, 2016


I am starting the first day of 2017 writing this summary of the links I shared during the last week of 2016.

What should have been easy days, have really been hectic ones and I found interesting links to share.

Here they are to close the year, here they are to start the year:

Digital Insurance Success Demands New Metrics

It’s important to keep in mind that delivering a successful digital insurance strategy is an iterative process, not an overnight transformation.

How blockchain can create the world’s biggest supercomputer

A distributed network of computers managed by blockchain and smart contracts can create a shared economy where anyone with a computer can borrow idle computing power and make a side income.

Chat is the New Browser

Chatbots today are where websites were in the mid-1990s. They’re basic, but they have a fundamental friction advantage. And they will get better and better, until they’re indistinguishable from native apps.

How Amazon, Google, and Facebook Will Bring Down Telcos

If Amazon, Google and Facebook don’t already control more telecommunications infrastructure than the largest national telcos, they soon will.

When your phone uses you

Most of the time, your phone works for corporations, assorted acquaintances and large social networks.


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