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A commitment

I’ve written many posts in the last months (I believe this is the fourth time I start a blog from scratch), but I have not been constant to give them consistency nor confident to share what I have written.

I’ve been reading many blogs for a long time although I almost never leave written comments, but I am becoming more and more exigent.

I want to share my opinions and experience about the use of information technologies. I have been taking advantage of what others know but I have not given anything in return.

My job forces me to try and be updated not only in what is available but also in what can be done in my business with what is available.

I am not a consultant and I do not have a technical background either.

Sometimes when you speak about certain subjects within what we can call “tradicional companies” your peers look at you as “the crazy guy that comes with his devices and another science fiction story”.

There are many concepts to seed, and with a lot of effort some results can be harvested, and when you see some results, the satisfaction is huge.

I am trying to be systematic with this blog. This is a commitment.

Update 30/5/2005

I have been reviewing old posts that I never published. I wanted to keep some of them that even though they are not especially interesting, help me keep together the notes I want to have in this blog.

I’ve published them with their original date. Not sure if this is very othodox.

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