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Your company should not need a blog

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Or said as a question: why do companies need to have a blog? Or put another way: what does a blog provide to a company that this company may not get from their own website? Because the first thing we read when it comes to blogs is on the choice of the tool: Blogger, Posterous, Tumblr,… But what do they offer to us? Immediacy, flexibility, ease of publication, of administration? Because if this is about having a communication channel, commenting about matters that can be interesting to customers (and not customers), fostering and participating in “the conversation”, forming part of the…Read More


A commitment

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I’ve written many posts in the last months (I believe this is the fourth time I start a blog from scratch), but I have not been constant to give them consistency nor confident to share what I have written. I’ve been reading many blogs for a long time although I almost never comment, but I am becoming more and more exigent. I want to share my opinions and experience about the use of information technologies. I have been taking advantage of what others know but I have not given anything in…Read More


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