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Your company should not need a blog

Or said as a question: why do companies need to have a blog?

Or put another way: what does a blog provide to a company that this company may not get from their own website?

Because the first thing we read when it comes to blogs is on the choice of the tool: Blogger, PosterousTumblr,… But what do they offer to us? Immediacy, flexibility, ease of publication, of administration?

Because if this is about having a communication channel, commenting about matters that can be interesting to customers (and not customers), fostering and participating in “the conversation”, forming part of the community, humanizing the brand…, what of all that can not be done through a corporation’s own website?

The reality is that corporate web environments are most often complicated to operate, are not designed to be agile, and hopefully depend on “only” having someone within the local systems department to modify / add the content, which often requires tasks re-planning, assign resources, postpone other work , … and I say “only” because there are other cases in which all that process must be done at the corporate headquarters located luckily (writing this words from Madrid, Spain) in any European city.

Why are we not surprised when we see that the information that many companies and institutions have on their websites is outdated or has not been updated for months?

Why are so many companies where employees see the web page as something not related to them?

Why are we fans of our company on Facebook or follow her on Twitter or Linkedin but we virtually never visit their website?

If content management in corporate websites was easy, would companies use these mentioned tools to publish blogs… or they would use their own web pages to publish, communicate, talk…?

It’s time to reconsider the presence of businesses on Internet from a comprehensive point of view, time to create a complete strategy that coordinates and gives meaning to all its presence online, not leaving out what should be the cornerstone of your online presence: your own website.

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