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Ships that wouldn’t stay in port (II)

Faneuil Hall Square, Boston
Photo by Robert Linsdell, published on Flickr underlicense Creative Commons CC BY 2.0

Jut over four years ago I wrote about the start of our second American adventure (Houston), just like more than twelve years ago I posted about the first one (Miami).

As it is said that good things come in threes, today is time to write about the third one.

I am writing these words from Madrid airport from where in just over an hour I will fly to what will be our new home: Boston, Mssachusetts. Possibly the city with the highest concentration of universities in the world. Possibly the city with the coldest winter of all the cities in which I have lived.

When I wrote about our return from Houston to Madrid, I said

life is this, the trail we walk, being able to take advantage of every opportunity and every moment

And this is what we are doing: walk the trail and take advantage of every opportunity and every moment.

The people to whom we have been letting know this new stage in our lives are divided between those who believe that we are fools and those who say that they feel envious. It should not be neither one nor the other: we are not fools (I think), it is simply the life we want to live. We know that it is not free of risks, but for us it is worth those risks and theis potential consequences, as opposed to the alternative of staying in Madrid with a more stable life. But neither is it to be envious, because each one of us decides the life that wants to live by putting in one side of the scales what would be gained by assuming these risks and what he would be gained gain by not assuming them. And each one of us gives a different value to each thing, which causes the scales to go one way or the other in a different way for each one.

Goodbye Madrid, hello Boston. The excitement of change does not mitigate vertigo. Let’s see what this new phase of the trip brings us.

Wish us luck.

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