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A good reason NOT to implement an internal Corporate Social Network

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Yes, there is a solid and consistent reason for not implementing an internal Corporate Social Network (ICSN) and it is very simple: An ICSN won’t solve the communication problems in your organization. Period. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news. If in your company communication flows poorly and badly, a ICSN is not going to fix it. If the communication is one-way and “those at the top” are not interested in what “those at the bottom” think, a ICSN is not going to convince them otherwise. If there is no transparency and the information reaches the people by rumors or external sources rather than…Leer más


How do you use Linkedin?

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I’d like to know your opinion about your use of Linkedin. Each one of us have a personal way of approaching social environments. I do not mean mine is “the right one” Tengo una forma de entender en uso de las plataformas sociales que tengo a mi disposición. Es algo personal, que no trato de imponer a nadie, pero que en lo referente a aquéllas que son síncronas (que requieren que ambas partes estén de acuerdo en estar en contacto, como Facebook o Linkedin), puede afectar a otras personas que…Leer más