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Wake Up! Data

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We are starting to be aware of the huge amount of data that we spread while we browse the internet. Some of us are already connecting the dots with what Social Media really mean and the business model of those platforms. But that is just the tip of the iceberg when we compare it with the possibility of merging those data with those from all sensors and connected devices that are working today. The possibilities to obtain accurate recommendations are endless, also the challenge of deciding who owns the information.


Wake Up! Monitoring

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Some of the greatest challenges physicians face on their daily work are: Monitoring patients only happen when in hospital or while doing the tests Patients do not follow the treatment they prescribe Electronic consumer devices can bridge the first gap gathering data constantly, and enhanced data analysis can help prescribing personalized treatments, controlling if the patient follows that treatment and coach the patient to achieve better adherence to it.


Wake Up! Smart Cities

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The first step in disruption is to accept the magnitude of the changes that are already starting and are about to occur. The transformation of cities into smart cities is something we are witnessing on a daily basis. Electric, autonomous and connected cars will be slowly but gradually replacing today’s vehicles. We are already seeing delivery drones… New solutions for mobility as a whole are great examples that we currently see around us.


Wake Up!

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Society is changing at light speed. A quite relevant part of those changes are due to the evolution of technologies that are constantly transforming the way we do things and creating new opportunities to perform activities that not that long ago were almost impossible to perform. To illustrate these changes, we at NTT Data have created a series of videos under the name Wake Up that, through the eyes of a character that wakes up after a ten years coma, presents the technological trends we are facing. As an introduction,…read more

Links November 2017

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Large links harvest this month, both in number and in topics. More than the last ones. One of the largest, in fact. And I honestly have no clue on the reason. A good number of the links send us to texts worth a slow and deep reading. Some of these texts are worth an individual post with a deeper analysis, but I’m not sure to have the time to write them: These are the links: Your Company Doesn’t Need a Digital Strategy Technology doesn’t provide value to a business. It…read more


Links May 2017

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Still in mode fast reading low sharing as last month. This hectic new life leaves me almost no time to read deep enough as to focus on sharing. Just two links but wort reading. No need to comment from my side, I believe they are clear enough, they just need some time to read them slowly. La interacción como moneda de cambio My friend Lucas clear and sharp as usual: Si te gusta una publicación, interactúa con ella. Dale un me gusta, compártela, deja un comentario. Demuéstrale a la plataforma que quieres…read more


Still working in a department?

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Long time ago I started to think about not working at a department anymore. “Department” sounds like division, like isolated compartment, like “this is not in my job description”, like “not my business”, like organizations that place their internal political fights ahead of customers needs and interests and of market reality. “Department” sounds like slow decisions, like “don’t step in my garden”, like bureaucracy, like hierarchy, like privileges, like colliding objectives. Today’s organizations can not afford having departments. Organizations that want to survive until tomorrow need to be agile, to…read more