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EnlacesDespite the holidays and the long disconnection periods that I enjoyed this August, I found time to review my Feedly from time to time and find some interesting links to share.

It makes me very happy to have shared this month a link that talks about things that I have seen myself inside a company to which I have a special links:

The Era of Human Gene Editing Is Here—What Happens Next Is Critical

Inteligencia artificial, robótica, edición genética… ¿estamos preparados para enfrentarnos a los desafíos que están llamando a la puerta?

We have arrived at a Rubicon. Humans are on the verge of finally being able to modify their own evolution. The question is whether they can use this newfound superpower in a responsible way that will benefit the planet and its people.

La cultura digital de Ferrovial

Ferrovial es una compañía para la que trabajé dos años. Dos años en los que conocí gente extraordinaria y en los que entendí que es mucho más de lo que uno cree cuando no la conoce desde dentro. Una compañía en la que quiero creer que dejé un poco de mí:

La compañía ve en las start ups el espacio idóneo para trabajar y desarrollar ideas disruptivas, tanto por su orientación como por la velocidad que imprimen a sus proyectos.

What you should know about AI

While both conventional software development and AI methods require a precise definition of the task to be solved, conventional software development requires that the solution be explicitly expressed in computer code by software developers. In contrast, solutions with AI technology can be found automatically, or semi-automatically, greatly expanding the range and difficulty of tasks that can be addressed.

The virtues of digital: Creating a truly digital bank

What are the differences that make something a truly digital service as opposed to just a digitised product?

La Transformación Digital a través de un niño de 6 años

Entiendo la transformación digital como una consecuencia directa del cambio en el paradigma del consumidor actual.

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