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Links May 2017

LinksStill in mode fast reading low sharing as last month. This hectic new life leaves me almost no time to read deep enough as to focus on sharing.

Just two links but wort reading.

No need to comment from my side, I believe they are clear enough, they just need some time to read them slowly.

La interacción como moneda de cambio

My friend Lucas clear and sharp as usual:

Si te gusta una publicación, interactúa con ella. Dale un me gusta, compártela, deja un comentario. Demuéstrale a la plataforma que quieres seguir viendo más contenidos de ese creador, o de ese estilo.

How the Meaning of Digital Transformation Has Evolved

Even the word “digital” now means something different. It used to be synonymous with “IT.” Nowadays, a company’s digital strategy practically drives the roadmap and goals of many departments, from marketing to sales to HR.

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