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Links April 2017


Hectic month this April that has has just ended. Lots of quick reading and possibly because of that (for the speed), just a couple of links shared.

It’s incredible how your life can change with a “simple” job change. How your areas of interest change, how new sources emerge and, mainly, how the reading routines are altered. In my case, the latter is implying that I have to organize myself in a different way to be able to dedicate quality time and not just quick reading of headlines.

While I reorganize, there goes the shared links in April:

Transformación digital: cultura y personas, no solo tecnología

Essential post by Juan Luis Polo:

Menos comprar software, más esfuerzo en pensar y hacer las cosas en tu compañía de manera diferente.

Conexiones armónicas (elogio de Twitter)

Interesting thoughts there from my friend Ananda:

Para mí el aprovechamiento y disfrute de Twitter es directamente proporcional a la capacidad que tengas de localizar aquellos tuits (sonidos) simultáneos y acordes (afines) a tus intereses o intenciones.





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