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Enlaces semana 12 de septiembre 2016


Semana cargada de contenido interesante.

Muchos enlaces con mucho para reflexionar y, una semana más, algunos escritos por buenos amigos:

Why app development is going micro

Muchos conceptos complejos en un solo texto: SOA, BPM, Microservicios, Apps…

The combination of micro services, micro apps and micro flows build on each other to deliver a new paradigm for delivering the next generation of apps. Hopefully we can learn from the lessons of the past and not try to “grow up” the micro revolution.


Releyendo textos antiguos de Amalio Rey:

Ahora, por ejemplo, no uso más la palabra “planificación“ porque despide un fiero aroma a certidumbre, previsión exhaustiva y ruta calculada al detalle, algo que a estas alturas suena imposible, e incluso perjudicial para poder reaccionar a tiempo a los cambios.

Chatbots Are Growing on Facebook (FB) Messenger

The number of bots is not what matters, what matters is actually the number of really good experiences that people can have and how engaged they are with those very few experiences that they care about.

Your Own Personal Insurance Concierge: Liberty Mutual Insurance Announces First Insurance-Focused Amazon Alexa Skill

Alexa presents a unique opportunity to have a vocal presence in consumers’ homes, providing additional value and ease, and allowing a new connection to be made between insurance providers and consumers.

Cyber attacks raise questions about blockchain security

Teething pain?

in the long run, blockchain will create a more transparent system in which it is far easier to see if money is being stolen and people can learn from others’ mistakes. At the moment it often takes retailers months to realise that they are all being hit by similar cyber attacks to steal credit card details. A blockchain system would show up such patterns much more quickly.

An Antivirus Scan Shut Down a Medical Device in the Middle of Heart Surgery

the crash happened because the computer automatically initiated its hourly malware scan while the procedure was in progress.

The Feds Will Soon Be Able to Legally Hack Almost Anyone

If malware crashes your personal computer or phone, it can mean a loss of photos, documents and records—a major inconvenience. But if a hospital’s computer system or other critical infrastructure crashes, it puts lives at risk. Surgical directives are lost. Medical histories are inaccessible. Patients can wait hours for care.

Report: Ad Blocking Technology Now Crippling The Publishing Model (32% of Page Views Now Blocked)

The overall mobile block rate stands at 62.9%, whereas the desktop rate takes a distant second at 21%. The tablet block rate is only 4.4%.

The Sun’s Facebook chatbot drove nearly half users back to its site

Naturally, engagement is high because an individual is choosing to engage with it and the experience is (or at least feels) personal. The traction of this personal experience carries through into high conversion

Por qué contratar a una persona que haya sido scout

Un scout ha aprendido que no todos deben llevar el mismo peso en la mochila, sino que éste se distribuye en función de las capacidades de cada uno


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