Enlaces semana 31 de octubre 2016

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Semana con cambio de mes y, sorprendentemente, ya que no es una de mis fuentes habituales, con mayoría de enlaces a The Verge.

Esta semana no he compartido mucho, pero los temas me han resultado especialmente importantes. Desde Facebook impidiendo a una empresa usar datos de los usuarios para propósitos comerciales hasta nuevas formas de identificar a los usuarios mediante ultrasonidos. La protección de datos y la privacidad  cada vez pesan más entre mis enlaces:

Facebook blocks insurer exploiting user data to find ‘conscientious’ drivers

A recently-launched scheme from Admiral Insurance targeted first-time car owners, offering to analyze their Facebook posts to see if their personality traits matched those of successful drivers. Participants were told they could save as much as £350 ($429) a year on their car insurance if they were judged to be conscientious and well-organized.

Watch a drone hack a room full of smart lightbulbs from outside the window

Así de fácil se hackea una bombilla inteligente:

The team demonstrated the threat by infecting a Hue lamp with a virus that then spread by jumping from one lamp to its neighbors, whether the lights were on the same private network or not.

The Future os America is Driverless

The future of transportation:

What I’ve tried to do in this agency over the time I’ve had the privilege to lead it is to focus more on the problems we have today and the problems we see coming around the corner because that’s where the solutions are.

How to Block the Ultrasonic Signals You Didn’t Know Were Tracking You

Otra tecnología más a la lista de lo que no sabemos que está pasando:

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