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Enlaces semana 3 de octubre 2016


Esta ha sido una semana interesante, con temas muy variados y bastante poco conectados entre sí.

Algo de seguros, algo de privacidad, algo de web 3.0, algo de blockchain, tema que, por cierto, llevaba tiempo sin tocar en detalle.

Que los disfrutéis.

Technology poised to drive down car insurance premiums

Motor insurance premiums in the US are predicted to fall from $221bn per year to $74bn by 2040 in the most severe scenario. In the UK, premiums are forecast to drop from $24bn to $6bn

You Can All Finally Encrypt Facebook Messenger, So Do It

Con la nueva actualización de Messenger llega la opción de encriptar los mensajes, pero atención, que es una opción del mensaje que debe indicarse cada vez que se inicia una conversación.

Can You Put a Dollar Amount on Your Company’s Cyber Risk?

The direct revenue losses for the companies involved involved in a cyberattack can be nearly negligible compared to the reputational damage incurred, which in turn can lead to future revenue losses

Transforming operations management for a digital world

Capturing the digital opportunity will require even greater operations-management discipline. But digital also makes this discipline easier to sustain. Adding the two together creates a powerful combination

Making data analytics work for you—instead of the other way around

Advanced data analytics is a quintessential business matter. That means the CEO and other top executives must be able to clearly articulate its purpose and then translate it into action—not just in an analytics department, but throughout the organization where the insights will be used.

How blockchain can change the music industry

Artists, songwriters, performers and musicians — the real owners of the industry — will be the main benefactors, for they will finally be able to own their creations and get their due for their efforts.

A decentralized web would give power back to the people online

The Decentralised Web envisions a future world where services such as communication, currency, publishing, social networking, search, archiving etc are provided not by centralised services owned by single organisations, but by technologies which are powered by the people: their own community. Their users.


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