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By now, most companies have got a pretty good handle on what happens on their website.  At the very least, they use a tool like Google Analytics or the simple and easy StatCounter to track total visits, referring URLs, visitor paths and time-spent-on-site.  It’s intriguing and fun to see where people are coming from and what they’re doing.

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Excelente reflexión a la que llego gracias a Territorio creativo.

Me quedo, no obstante con el primer párrafo del post.

¿Que la mayor parte de las compañías controlan visitas, URL’s desde las que llega el tráfico, etc?

Me temo que no. Creo que hay muchas compañías (grandes y pequeñas) que no controlan esta información básica porque a día de hoy siguen sin darle ninguna importancia.

Alguna perla más suelta por un texto que creo que es muy interesante leer:

The website as we know it is becoming a relic of the first 15 years of the Internet.

Some brands have more active communities of customers on Facebook than they do on their own websites. In fact, their own websites may not even enable community at all. Perception of their brand is defined in a community that they host but can’t control.

businesses should take a new look at hosting their own communities […] If you can build and measure those, you can gain a lot more insight about what motivates customers.