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Links January 2018


New technical problems in this blog to start the year. I had no other option but to forget the previous technical setup and re-build Anotado from scratch.

Learning new things every day.

Regarding the links, quite interesting subjects to spend some time reading and thinking, and the newness of a new concept I believe I have created myself: branded container (as the opposite of branded content).

Quite good start of the year after all:

Cryptojacking Has Gotten Out of Control

within the melange of sketchy uses, it’s troubling to consider that in-browser mining could ultimately become its own form of paid prioritization, where the people who can afford more processing power are preferred by services online

The Aflac duck became a toy robot to help kids fighting cancer

Robots, health and “branded container” (as the opposite of “branded content”)

Low-Cost Soft Robot Muscles Can Lift 200 Times Their Weight and Self-Heal

Closer and closer to living in a science-fiction movie.

Forget banks, in 2018 you’ll pay through Amazon and Facebook

Payments date: Ready, set, go!

remember that almost all customer interactions with banks are payments. If banks never see the customer making payments, they lose their most important resource: data.

Robo-Advisers Are Coming to Consulting and Corporate Strategy

It looks like the robots that will steal our jobs will not be the ones from the science-fiction movies, after all:

If AI-guided investing can work for a person, can it also work for a company?  Corporations buy and employ human advice from many wise advisors—consultants, lawyers, investment bankers—in the same fashion that investors did in the past. Corporate strategy is complex, and the advice is expensive.  However, the approaches advisors take are usually data-driven and guided by previous experiences.  This is just the sort of problem that can benefit from machine intelligence.

Is Technology Creating A Narcissistic Society?

There’s a gap today between the brand promise and the experience people have and share. In a connected society, the experiences that people share online become the foundation for the brand.

Apple wants to gather all your medical records in the Health app

Will Apple be able to mahe Google Health dream come true?

You’ll be able to list your allergies, medications, immunizations and lab results in the Health app

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