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Links December 2017

Enlaces2017 is ending and I’m back on the low sharing routine.

And I am running our of excuses although the truth is that I have spending too much time trying to fix my quest for a free hosting with the basic quality to support the very limited traffic of this blog.

I just implemented the migration to a new one. I believe it is the fifth one I try in the last months. Let’s see if it is good enough to let me focus in other stuff in the coming months.

To check if it works or not, let’s keep on publishing, so here we have his month’s links::

Ethics at scale

“Just as we’ve learned how to build systems that scale, we need to learn how to think about ethical issues at scale” […] To build better systems and businesses, we need to become better people. And to be better people, we must learn to think about ethics: not just personal ethics, but ethics at scale.”

Is Quantum Computing an Existential Threat to Blockchain Technology?

Y cuando pensábamos que blockchain era la solución a nuestros problemas…:

“quantum computing threatens all computer security systems that rely on public key cryptography”.

Health Care Is Hemorrhaging Data. AI Is Here to Help

medicine is still fundamentally a human endeavor. And people don’t always do what’s best for them, even on a doctor’s orders. Which means the biggest challenge in health care isn’t about changing people’s bodies, but about changing people’s minds. And that’s not the kind of intelligence computers are good at. AI won’t be replacing MDs, anytime soon. But it is coming for their fax machines

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