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Links February 2018

EnlacesShort but quite intense this month of February. It’s been a month when some expectations have been clarified, and where some people I had developed quite tight bonds have decided to change their professional path and look for new adventures (it won’t be me the one to criticize this).

It is surprising how days pass by and how things happen. The new year start to define its shape and it looks like we are going to have fun.

Let’s keep on summarizing links in the meantime:

Why I won’t whitelist your site

I have nothing against advertising as a business model. However, that model (and the businesses relying on it) deserve to fail if publishers won’t take responsibility for the ads they deliver.

Should Data Scientists Adhere to a Hippocratic Oath?

Tech companies that make money by providing platforms for others can have additional reason not to be too prescriptive about ethics.

How Precision Medicine Will Transform the Pharmaceutical and Healthcare Industries

History repeating. Now in pharmaceutical sector.

Disrupt or be disrupted:

Pharmaceutical companies must act now to begin to build up genuine collaboration expertise, adapt to a startup-like culture, and build or acquire the expertise essential to mastering internal and external hurdles. Staying on the sidelines and watching disruptive firms moving the industry forward will result in obsolescence within the industry. Leaders must rethink and redesign the existing pharma operating model if they are to succeed.

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