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It is not “them” it is “you”

In front of the mirrorWe have the funny habit of always looking for third-party responsibilities. I do not know if it is something cultural or universal, but the truth is that seeing someone like the president of Toyota publicly pronouncing the mea culpa is something that is quite unusual. We talk about what “companies” do, say or are … But what role do we play in that game? If the “companies” do not listen to customers, at 45 you are considered old, pay less salary if you are female, do not respect the rights of workers, … what do I do to change it? Because I’m part of that company, right? Wherever I am in the organization, there would be something I can do to change what I do not like. To paraphrase what JFK said and Obama reminded us: stop asking yourself what your company does for you, and start thinking about what you can do for your company.


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