Enlaces junio 2017

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Un mes algo más productivo que los últimos, con enlaces bastante centrados en el mundo de la salud, lo cual es una sorprendente coincidencia. Y no es porque haya tenido más tiempo o más dedicación, simplemente ha sucedido.

Y habría algún enlace más si no se hubiera producido un fallo en Buffer que ha retenido varios de los enlaces que pretendía compartir. Pero bueno, seguramente saldrán en la recopilación del mes de julio.

Ahí van:

How a Startup Accelerator at Boston Children’s Hospital Helps Launch Companies

Digital technologies promise to transform health care. Frontline clinicians can and should play a central role in inventing those new applications. But they can’t do it alone. To succeed, they require an array of specialized support and an innovation system that understands their special needs.

You Might Not Feel Tired, But Your Brain Needs More Sleep

Over time, a lack of sleep really does chip away at your productivity and cognitive functioning. So tonight, shut off the TV, power down your smartphone, hop into bed, and get some rest. You’ll thank yourself later—not just tomorrow morning, but years from now.

How The NBA Became The World’s Most Tech-Savvy Sports League

As a whole, I would say the NBA is probably the most tech-savvy amongst the leagues.

Innovating in a Highly Regulated Industry Like Health Care

In any firm, an innovation program cannot be effective without building bridges within the firm. But, in highly regulated industries, such as healthcare delivery, pharma, banking, and insurance, good relationships and effective communication are especially vital.

My Company Tried Slack For Two Years. This Is Why We Quit

Slack the product wasn’t the issue. It was real-time messaging itself that was the problem