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AI lands in Linkedin fake profiles

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And this (among others) is a reason why I never accept contacts from those who do not take 20 seconds of their time to write a short text and explain why they want to have me as a contact here: “the potential harm can be subtle: Connecting to a profile like Jones’ invites whoever is behind it to strike up a one-on-one conversation, and other users on the site can view the connection as a kind of endorsement.” It’s been seven years that I wrote How do you use…read more


How do you use Linkedin?

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I’d like to know your opinion about your use of Linkedin. Each one of us have a personal way of approaching social environments. I do not mean mine is “the right one” Tengo una forma de entender en uso de las plataformas sociales que tengo a mi disposición. Es algo personal, que no trato de imponer a nadie, pero que en lo referente a aquéllas que son síncronas (que requieren que ambas partes estén de acuerdo en estar en contacto, como Facebook o Linkedin), puede afectar a otras personas que…read more