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Links week February 6th, 2017


Yes, last week I dis not share any link throug the usual channels.

It was a week of professional changes. Maybe that was the reason. Although the fact is that I read at the same path as from the same sources as always. Who knows, it might have been just a coincidence.

To compensate, this week I have shared more links than usual:

The Robots Are Coming for Your Heart

Very interesting this post in Wired about progress in robotics in the health sector and about a subject my dear friend Román has mentioned every time tío time: where is the limit that makes a human turn into a robot and vice-versa?:

it’s forcing humanity to reconsider what a robot even is in the first place—because more and more, the robots will become a part of us.

Most smart TVs are tracking you — Vizio just got caught

Things like this one make many people become defensive when listening to the words “Big Data”:

Vizio has been collecting some fairly personal data. The company’s TVs are able to track what you watch on a second-by-second basis, whether you’re watching cable, playing a Blu-ray, or streaming a movie, according to the FTC. That data is then paired with demographic details on you. That includes “sex, age, income, marital status, household size, education, home ownership, and household value.” The information is then sold to analytics and ad companies and used to target advertisements to you.

Who Will Insure Self-Driving Cars?

The greatest risk for insurers is losing control over the data on which they depend to price risk effectively. Data including statistics on speed, distance between vehicles, response to weather conditions, brake pressure, and driver distractions will be gathered by software embedded in the car that is proprietary to the manufacturer. Automakers will aggregate that data from a vast fleet of connected vehicles. They will thus be in a better position than insurers to understand and price risk.

How to Build a Connected Workforce

Just as today’s workforce doesn’t need roles designed to evangelize for, say, electric power or the telephone, it also doesn’t need roles designed to promote today’s revolutionary technologies. If executives in these roles can think in a connected fashion about business, experience, and technology, and if they can instill this mentality into the organization, their job will be complete.

De Puerto Seguro al Escudo de Privacidad

el Reino Unido tendrá que adherirse al Escudo de Privacidad hasta que cese su pertenencia a la Unión Europea, tras lo cual se aplicarán las mismas normativas que  a cualquier otro país tercero.

Attack of the apps

A compromised smartphone represents a threat not just to the targeted employee but to the entire company.

El cerebro artificial que piensa por ti

El País Semanal has not been within the media I’ve shared links in the past. So far:

El cambio y la disrupción serán norma. El esquema no será aprender, trabajar y retirarse, explica Cave, sino que a lo largo de una carrera profesional habrá que hacer interrupciones destinadas a adquirir formación y ponerse al día. “Habrá que pensar en una vida menos lineal, más circular”.



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