Cookies policy

What are cookies?

A cookie is a file that is downloaded to the browser is using the visitor of a website which aims to store and retrieve information about navigation that occurs from that browser. Therefore, if you use several browsers are you downloaded several cookies of the same page, but for all purposes shall be considered that it is of different users.

If like see of a form graphic how is behave, you leave then a video that I have recorded that allows see them cookies and how is connect some sites with others.

Why Anotado install you cookies?

As a general principle, I try to avoid as much as possible the installation of cookies. That is why you will not see buttons to share entries public, or code by inserting content from other pages if I can avoid it. I do so to prevent that sharing buttons or pages from which insert the content installed you cookies then used them to enrich their user profiles and customize advertising to serve you when you visit them.

Annotated you going to install usually these types of cookies:

  • Those of Google Analytics (more information about these cookies you can see it a htttps:// because I am allowed to have some statistics from the traffic that occurs. I.e., me allows feed the vanity of see if someone is interested by what write and the curiosity of know how has arrived until here.
  • When access from a device mobile, can that get through them versions of this page that is personalized for:
  • Which the server installed associated to the domain for technical reasons.
  • Those of Gosquared, which is another service similar to Google Analytics that I’m testing.
  • Of the Segment, which is a service that I’m trying and I think that I will allow to obtain additional services as the previous two Analytics using only a cookie.
  • The one from WordPress, because this blog uses its technology and is linked with to take advantage of some of its features.

Any another cookie that is install will be by error mine to the have inserted some link or code that it download and, insofar as I know of that is is installing, will make it possible by solve the situation and avoid it.

I want to emphasise that the cookies that you downloaded using Anotado do not give me any kind of information which may be considered personal.

On the Wikipedia page have more information about what cookies are and how they work.

How to disable cookies in your browser?

Your browser allows you to both delete the cookies that you have discharged and configure it so that it does not accept the use of cookies. In this case not be will feed or my vanity nor my curiosity.

You can access this option from your browser via the corresponding menu “options”, “Preferences”, “settings” or whatever browser you are using to call it.

Please search information in the help of your browser, because among the different options, their versions and different devices, not I am able to put all the relationship of options that are available now.