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Links week January 23rd, 2017


Very different subjects in the links shared this week.

One about what seems to be the next real transformation challenge that we are going to face as a society, which seems to have the capacity to be the detonator of the next change of era: energy.

Another on a topic that I have shared and even written about quite recurring: data protection.

A third theme, which I shared through a different channel than usual one: my personal Facebook account, reflects on the future that we are guessing, not so much in artificial intelligence (that too) but in the future of humanity as a species. It looks like science fiction, but … very interesting reading.

Energy is the new new internet

New concepts, new opportunities:

Enernet. Noun. A dynamic, distributed, redundant and multi-participant energy network built around clean energy generation, storage and delivery and serving as the foundation for smart cities.

The EU data-protection regulation—compliance burden or foundation for digitization?

Quite a commercial text, very interesting though:

Strong data protection is a critical enabler for enhanced service offerings and digital commerce

El día después de que podamos subir nuestro cerebro a un ordenador y replicarlo en otro lado

I read it a while ago and still having chills:

Y al fin llegamos a la nueva promesa de inmortalidad: el mind uploading, la posibilidad de transferir nuestra mente a un ordenador.


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