Enlaces junio 2018

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Menudo mes de junio dejo atrás.

Ya vendrán noticias en breve.

Mientras tanto sigo con la rutina de leer mucho, compartir poco y no escribir nada.

No sé si seré capaz de cambiar este habito y que escribir pase a ocupar un lugar más relevante, pero mientras espero a que eso suceda, sigo recopilando los enlaces compartidos y publicando este resumen mensual. No es gran cosa en términos de publicación (sí lo es en términos de calidad y relevancia del contenido compartido), pero algo es algo:

Blockchain offers cure for patients’ fragmented medical records

If multiple blockchain platforms spring up in healthcare, they could replicate the fragmentation bedevilling existing systems if they are not interoperable

IBM’s Newest AI Can Probably Argue Better Than You

computers can do powerful and surprising things with language in a carefully constrained situation.

Is This the Hospital That Will Finally Push the Expensive U.S. Health Care System to Innovate?

¿Es salirse del sistema la solución a los problemas del sistema?

Ask most Americans about obtaining their health care outside of the United States, and they respond with disdain and negativity. In their mind, the quality and medical expertise available elsewhere is second-rate. Of course, that’s exactly what Yellow Cab thought about Uber, Kodak thought about digital photography, General Motors thought about Toyota, and Borders thought about Amazon

How language shapes our perception of reality

A estudiar:

Numerous studies have found that learning a new language can change how your brain pulls information together, and because of that, enables you to have more perspectives on a particular issue.